Media Delivery Network

    Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network solution redefines the traditional concept of a CDN, with a unique, single-platform approach to the delivery of managed and unmanaged content. With ultimate network control and efficiency from content to consumer, the solution positions Fixed, Mobile, and Converged Network Operators ideally within the media value chain for fast time-to-market innovation and monetization.

    Solution Drivers

    Internet traffic is growing with exponential force and becoming dominated by video - these disruptive trends are true game-changers for our customers.

    Media Delivery Network was designed to enable operators to manage the rapid growth in managed and unmanaged content, especially the massive growth in Over-The-Top services and applications, which can present network operators with several challenges: 

    • High Peering Costs
    • Rising backhaul transit costs
    • Mounting last-mile bandwidth demands
    • Decreasing subscription revenues


    Solution Benefits

    The new Ericsson Media Delivery Network is not only a technological proposition, but an end-to-end business solution. It enables operators to enter the media value chain with profitable video delivery and truly leverage their established consumer relationship; while at the same time offering content providers and enterprises cost-effective accessibility and guaranteed quality of experience across mobile and fixed networks.

    This ground-breaking solution offers many benefits, including: 

    • Innovative, user-aware video optimization & delivery saving bandwidth and enabling greater use of network capacity and richer experiences.
    • A revolutionary single platform approach and universal cache, which offers opex and capex savings through converged visibility and control.
    • Smart routing driven by system heuristics and customer business logic, rather than limited by technology.
    • A cutting-edge, agile framework to launch innovative services, which enables monetization and fast time to market for new services
    • A unique multiservice architecture allows expansion to different variants of CDN applications such as Web acceleration, CDN selection, Utilities, and Gaming


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