Supplier Occupational Health and Safety Requirements - English

General OHS Requirements

These OHS requirements are applicable for all suppliers

General Supplier OHS requirements

Specific OHS Requirements

In addition to the Ericsson General Supplier OHS Standards, these Specific OHS Standards are mandatory for Suppliers of Construction, Field Maintenance and Network Roll-Out Services, and for all other Suppliers for which this document is contractually binding. The Standards are recommended for all other suppliers.

Specific Supplier OHS requirements

OHS Operational Standards

Where applicable, the Suppliers’ OHS Management System shall as a minimum requirement meet or exceed the standards of Ericsson Group OHS Operational standards listed below.

Chemical handling 
Climbing and working at heights 
Construction and civil work management 
Driver and vehicle safety 
Environmental and Occupational Noise 
Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields 
Fire prevention 
Lone working 
Manual Handling 
Personal Protective Equipment 
Working with electricity